Illuminations and celebrations!

Illuminations and celebrations!

Publish on Wednesday, 7 December 2016

As Christmas approaches, the streets are decorated with multi-coloured garlands and store windows are filled with gold, sequin-studded evening dresses, bow ties, gifts wrapped in red, chocolates and chestnuts. The shop and department store windows are truly magical, just as they are every year, and as chance would have it, some of the best are just a stone’s throw from the Buddha Bar-Hotel Paris!

You won’t be able to resist

Let’s be honest, even the most blasé among us can’t resist the appeal of the party, the silver reindeer or the spicy scent of mulled wine. As for the Christmas windows, let he who has never stood open-mouthed before the fabulous window of a department store, speak up. No one? Then let’s begin with our subjectively elected queen, the window of the Galeries Lafayette. The magnificent "Art Nouveau luxury bazaar" was designed by cousins ​​Bader and Kahn at the end of the 19th century. This year it opens its window and its splendid cupola to a family of bears who have been chased from the north by the irremediable melting of the pack ice. A formidable epic begins, as you’ll see here, between North Pole and the centre of Paris. The family was received with honours on its arrival, in front of a tree decorated with garlands and erected for them under a glass roof that sparkles with light.

How beautiful the windows are at night!

Still on Boulevard Haussmann, Printemps invites us to follow the dreams of Jules and Violette; a nocturnal journey through the world of perfume, luxury shoes, crystal and gourmet food. Resolutely modern, the Bon Marché chose video, graphics and colour to illustrate a Christmas Rive Gauche in inimitable Parisian style. More intimate, and with lots of children’s activities, Bercy Village is also decked in light and snow and it’s next to the Museum of Fairground Attractions and its Festival of Marvels.

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