The Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris unveils an original creation for the Easter celebrations.

The Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris unveils an original creation for the Easter celebrations.

Publish on Monday, 20 March 2017

Spring has returned and with it, the delightful tradition of Easter eggs. To celebrate this gourmet event with a creation that delights the eyes as much as the taste buds, the Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris gave carte blanche to its pastry chef, Nicolas Jaulmes. The result is a unique but fun chocolate creation that unites the traditions of France and Japan.

The expertise and sense of humour of an exceptional pastry chef.

Cocotte, poached, or boiled egg? The Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris remains faithful to its concept of a fusion of East and West and is always concerned with aesthetics and well-being, so it certainly wouldn’t be content with so little. Nicolas Jaulmes, who delights guests of the Vraymonde restaurant and Tea Time tea room every day, has demonstrated extraordinary creativity in uniting his passion for Asian culture with his experience and expertise as a pastry chef. The result is ready to admire and taste at the Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris.

Get ready for a fight!

In a mythical scene, Sir Dark Murai confronts Mr. Samurai with traditional samurai weapons. Not a detail is missing, from traditional helmets and shields, to the half-amused, semi-wild expression of these two chocolate warriors.  To create them, Nicolas Jaulmes selected the best chocolate Crus. The Kalapaia from Papua is an intense dark chocolate with toasted aromas and the perfect contrast to the Orely, a blonde chocolate flavoured with muscovado sugar. The result is battle of colours, textures, flavours and aromas, where gastronomy and pleasure are the real winners. A creation to admire fully before biting into it. 

Our pastry chef shrugs off the restraints of Easter traditions and offers you an epic adventure in the land of the samurai – a delicacy that you can order from the Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris team to enjoy just 24 hours later.

Discover this exceptional original creation for 64 €/piece

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