Paris in the hour of love

Paris in the hour of love

Publish on Monday, 13 February 2017

City of lovers, Paris reveals its abundant charms for Valentine's Day. The freshness of February enhances the magic of romantic strolls in places that were frequented mythical lovers and which are symbols of love and romanticism.  Explore the quarters and escape for a getaway for two at the Buddha-Bar Hotel de Paris!


Map of romantic Paris

What Parisian does not have his favourite romantic stroll? Now, it’s time to find yours. For some, the path of love will take them through Montmartre. You can take the stairs up the butte to the square of Sacré-Coeur to enjoy the most beautiful view of Paris. Next, visit the secret garden of lovers in front of the ‘I love you’ wall in in the Abbesses square – the unique work is a moving journey through the world of love and it features 311 handwritten messages in 280 languages. Fires will be ignited in the hearts of others through a romantic stroll on the banks of the Seine, through the narrow streets of the Marais, or on the world’s most beautiful avenue, the prestigious Champs-Élysées


On the Trail of the Great Romantics

A Valentine’s Day escapade in Paris is also a chance to discover the great figures of the romantic movement of the nineteenth century.  One place is dedicated to them - a magnificent artist's studio nestled in the heart of a flowery courtyard in Nouvelle Athènes, a neighbourhood that is characteristic of the times.  Establishing the link between literature, graphic art and painting, the Museum of Romantic Life brings its characters to life with love and imagination.  George Sand, Scheffer, Chopin, Gounod, Baudelaire - enter the universe of the creators of romanticism.

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