The jeweller of love: Boucheron

The jeweller of love: Boucheron

Publish on Friday, 17 February 2017

Synonymous with luxury and elegance, and a Place Vendôme landmark, Boucheron has been the benchmark for exceptional and magical jewellery for over a century and a half. Bewitching creations that are instantly recognisable serve to enhance the beauty of their wearer.


A mythical story


Lovers in search of an exceptional stone, tsars, kings, maharajahs, and the mistresses of American billionaires; Boucheron’s reputation was born from the passion and excesses of its clientele. Established in 1858, the house of Boucheron quickly made a name for itself and regularly won awards for the originality, elegance and beauty of its pieces. Yet the myth only took root after the opening of the shop at the now world-famous address, 26 place Vendôme. The first jeweller to settle in this enclave of French classicism, Boucheron made Paris the epicentre of luxury and fashion.


The Boucheron key


Every dedicated lover should buy an engagement ring for his betrothed at Boucheron. This tradition began, like many others, as one of the indulgent gestures that Boucheron lavished on his wife, Gabrielle. He purchased the famous Mazarin, two diamonds from the Empress Eugenie's collection. He also created a magnificent serpent necklace for her, a lucky creature to watch over his beloved in his absence. The snake necklace has become one of the mythical symbols of the brand. Another emblematic creation is the key necklace, a piece that lends itself beautifully to the nuances and highlights of the graceful feminine neck.


A fitting ode to the beauty of woman!



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