Under the Montmartre sky

Under the Montmartre sky

Publish on Friday, 8 July 2016

It is difficult to imagine a more romantic Parisian pastime, than a walk on the slopes and through the street of Montmartre? A true village in the heart of the city! Place des Abbesses is filled with lots of nice cafes and it flanks the Butte where you’ll discover the vineyard and the exciting Saint-Pierre market in the shadow of Sacre-Coeur. The famous Basilica’s dazzling whiteness is as much a symbol of the capital as the Eiffel Tower and a visit to Montmartre is a chance to delve into the Paris loved by Jacques Prévert and Edith Piaf.


Montmartre of yesteryear

The neighbourhood has been filmed, written about, and sung about and it has inspired poets, songwriters, lyricists and all kinds of artists and performers. The Moulin Rouge may be world famous but don’t forget to pay tribute to the great Georges Brassens as you walk past the cabaret Patachou where he made his debut. Hats off as well to the Black Cat, immortalised by Aristide Bruant or the Lapin Agile, if its walls could talk it might recall conversations between Pierre Mac Orlan, Blaise Cendrars and many others.


At one today

If Montmartre still beats to the rhythm of its past, to loving words whispered in times of strife, it also celebrates all that’s good in life now.  Its unique atmosphere envelopes you as soon as you set foot on the stone steps of its flanks or as you push open the door of one of its countless cafes. Premieres and fashion designers, artists and delicious cuisine are just some of the things you might expect to find between a visit to the Museum of “Art Brut de la Halle Saint-Pierre”, a performance at the Theatre de l’Atelier or a walk in front of the I Love You Wall.  Why not say I love you to your loved one (s), with a cocktail or a glass of Champagne on the terrace of the Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris? Available from 3 pm all summer!


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