Vicky Milon, Head Bartender at the Lounge Bar Qu4tre

Vicky Milon, Head Bartender at the Lounge Bar Qu4tre

Publish on Thursday, 27 October 2016

Born November 19, 1987 and a native of Guadeloupe, Vicky Milon is Head Barmaid at the Lounge Bar Qu4tre, Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris.

Taking the classic hotel route, Vicky Milon discovered mixology behind the bar of the Lutetia. Fast tracking and excellent customer interaction lead Vicky to request a role with greater responsibility. This was granted on condition she master the entire cocktail menu.  The challenge was won within a week. The menu mastered, Vicky Milon was on the next phase of her journey through this exciting, creative sector.

The journey has taken her from the Hotel Park Hyatt Paris Vendome to the Sofitel Le Faubourg and Mandarin Oriental Paris where her experiences have shaped Vicky’s career as a mixologist. Today, her work is organised around three basic principles: create, customise and share.

This new adventure at Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris is an opportunity for Vicky Milon to choose her own team, and to imagine creations that complement the individuality and style of this unusual and elegant space.  You’ll find unique and surprising flavours that illustrate the bold personality of the strong team on the menu at the Lounge Bar Qu4tre.

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