Restaurant Le Vraymonde

Culinary sensations without borders

Inspired by the fusion concept that characterises the Buddha-Bar spirit, the menu of the Restaurant Le Vraymonde combines Eastern and Western flavours in ways that delight epicureans. Its Pan-Asian cuisine, in which the brilliant blending of the gastronomic traditions of France and Asia is particularly bold, is innovative and delicious. It showcases amazing specialties that are by turns refreshing and subtly noted, and promises beautiful taste sensations.

The restaurant’s luxurious décor continues throughout its five distinctive spaces. Rich with varying shades of red and saffron and hints of ancient symbols,  diners are transported to the heart of Imperial China. Large circular mirrors reflect an intriguing infinite perspective, lacquered ceilings gleam lustrously and exquisitely delicate light fittings cast a subtle glow. The setting is evocative of the Orient and ideally suited to the tasting of refined specialties.

Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris - Le Vraymonde Restaurant

Le Vraymonde also has an excellent reputation for its original brunch, served every Sunday from 11:30 am to 3 pm. This buffet is delicious and generously tempting in its wide selection of dishes, which are themed around the 4 elements:


Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris - Le Vraymonde Restaurant

Le Vraymonde Restaurant


Restaurant open from noon to 2:30 pm from Monday to Saturday, from 7 pm to 10:30 pm from Monday to Sunday

Brunch ‘4 elements’ every Sunday from 11:30 am to 3 pm

Private lounge available for lunches and dinners for up to 30 people, private wine room up to 10 people. 

Capacity: 70 seats


+33 1 83 96 88 70

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The lush inner courtyard

A zen garden in the heart of Faubourg Saint–Honoré

At the Restaurant Le Vraymonde the dining experience continues into the beautiful courtyard of the Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris. This verdant 200 m² outdoor terrace is accessible throughout the year. It offers the perfect setting for an original and delicious taste experience, where you are sheltered from view beneath large crimson parasols or scarlet shades. On this patio, with its perfectly tended plants and colourful ambience, where time itself seems to be suspended, all aspects combine to make each brunch, lunch or dinner a unique and perfectly unforgettable occasion.

Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris - Le Vraymonde Restaurant
Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris - Le Vraymonde RestaurantBuddha-Bar Hotel Paris - Le Vraymonde Restaurant

Cards & Menus

A cuisine that changes with the seasons

The cards and menus of Le Vraymonde Restaurant vary according to the changing of the seasons.

They are available online throughout the year.

Also offered every week is ‘Les suggestions du Marché’ :

consisting of two starters, two main dishes and two desserts devised according to the produce available from the market.

Starter & Main Or Main & Dessert  35€

Starter, Main & Dessert  45€

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